Very Very Annoying...but not serious!

In case I just haven’t found the solution, I’ll post this personal annoyance with regard to how Cubase 10.5 renames a file in the project window.

Back a few versions ago, if you had an audio file that you wanted to rename, you could change the name in the track name box and bounce it as a new file; the name would be changed on the audio file…perfect. But now, although it does change the name, it keeps the original name and puts the new name in brackets after it.
Example: I had an extra audio track named ‘Acoustic’ and needed a vocal, so I just armed that track and recorded the vocal on that track. I’d forgotten to change the name of the track before recording, so I ended up with the track being named as ‘Acoustic’ instead of ‘vocal’. So I changed the name of the file to ‘Vocal’, but now it comes up as ‘Acoustic (Vocal)’. There doesn’t seem to be a way to remove this original name.
I’ve changed the name on the track and bounced it; I’ve removed everything from the pool and erased. The file in the pool is just named ‘Vocal’, so it’s just showing in the inspector.
I can’t imagine why anyone would want to keep a wrong name. It means that you can’t really ‘rename’ anything audio (I think this might apply to midi too, but I’m not sure). I can’t set up five ‘audio’ tracks, record something different on each track and rename them when I’m back at the desk. I do this all the time since I work alone and I have a remote app for my recording room. Very, Very Annoying.
I’m hoping that I’m missing this option in the prefs.
Can someone fix this…it needs fixing.

On the “Info” line, you have “File” and “Description”. You may have to enable both in the View Setup.
I believe if you change the “File” property there, it will actually change the file name. If the “File” and “Description” are different, you get the parentheses. I could see how this new system might be better for larger projects with many audio files and edits, etc., but, for my purposes, I tend to agree with you that the old system was cleaner.
So, if you want to change the name and not get the parentheses, you have to change the file and description name.

Great!!! This did the trick. The ‘Description’ wasn’t showing in my info line, so I made it visible. Now I can delete the description, then hit enter and it changes the name to the file name. It still is a bit of work, but this works. It would be nice to be able to set the description to the file name automatically, but I’m not complaining.
Thanks so much for the help.

Now try doing that for hundreds of files when working on games. There should be an option to disable these additional texts in filenames.