very very small pointer in 4k

I’ve got an issue with cubase 9.5.10 and my 4k monitor.
Since I installed the maintenance version my pointer became almost invisible.
Every tool I use (except selection tool, normal mode) is absolutly tiny and I cannot figure out what tool I’m using.
Anyone else with this issue? got a solution?

Windows (at least Windows 10) has a setting for an enlarged mouse pointer which I have found helpful on my 4K monitor.

The pointer is large enough in Windows.
The problem is in cubase. Selection pointer is ok but every other pointer types (as scissor, glue etc…) became too tiny.

I’ve just had the same problem yesterday.
I played with resolutions and scale in Windows without success.
If I remember well, I reinstalled graphics drivers (“clean install” with Nvidia) and after reboot everything was ok.
Sorry I can’t tell what exactly was the cure, but chances are that it’ll work for you too.

PS: you probably have multiple monitors with different resolutions, that could eventually be one of the causes.

Edit: just happened again. I simply signed out and signed in and that solved the problem … for now! So apparently nothing to do with graphics drivers.

I too have this problem on a 4k monitor…

I have an HD sub monitor at the side too

Same problem here as well.

It seems that this issue doesn’t occur anymore for me.

What has changed: I set in Windows Display settings, one of my other monitors, which is Full HD, as main display, even if my UHD monitor actually is my main one.

I’m still not sure this is the solution but I observe that probably since that change my pointer has been OK on every startup.

One more thing, I found out that this problem is not specific to Cubase, I simultaneously had the same issue in Word!

hi man , still have this probelm ?!

Not anymore, still ok after multiple restarts.

It would be useful if others could try my settings and let us know how it works for them.

I’m having the same problem and I have not found a solution yet besides restarting. It seems as if it’s on and off and sometimes a restart will do the trick but when I work with large Vienna Ensemble Pro templates, I want to avoid restarting as much as possible. I’m using a slave but I still load a lot of samples on an local instance.

Anyway, we need Steinberg to adresse a few of these 4k resolution issues ASAP. I’m using a 55" high end Samsung TV that I’m splitting into virtual monitors with Display Fusion Pro and I’m never going back to a 4 monitor setup. I just hope that people at Steinberg start to fix these small issues soon.

I ran across this thread today while looking at what monitors to use for my studio, currently I have a Acer 27" 1080p monitor and other than the physical size it is very sharp and detailed… I have been looking for another monitor 32" and above and about all you can find these days are 4k. I have a bit of a bad Experience with 4k on my laptop the sizing issue is very inconsistent depending on content… so I do not want to have to deal with the sizing issues on my studio monitor…

I see a lot of folks just using TV’s which I can find a 40" at a fairly reasonable rate… that is still 1080p My graphics card can handle up to 2550x1600 so, even if I wanted to go 4k that would mean another graphics card as well.

For you folks that are using 2 monitors 4K and 1080p do you still find that 1080p for Cubase 9.5 a good choice for a studio setting… I’m sitting about 3-4’ from the screen…

Sorry if this is butting in… if it is, I can re post on a clean topic… Thanks

1080p is more than enough if you’re close enough and have multiple monitors. The reason I switched to a 4k TV was because I had 4 monitors and I wanted to be able to do film presentations to clients in my studio.

And if you do make the switch to 4k TV, you really have to do your homework and not buy the cheapest TV you can get. You need to consider input lag and color compression if you want clear text. You need a 4:4:4 capable tv that has low input lag.

I would not go 4k unless I had a at least a 55 inch monitor split with display fusion. I’m recreating 4x27 inch 1080p monitors with my 4k tv. My icons and tracks are the same size after all.

Thank you for that input (no pun intended). I have been very happy with the 27" 1080p monitor I have I"d just like to go a little bigger… 32" from 27" isn’t really that much of a difference and 40 is about the largest I’d see going… I just want to see Cubase or other editors I use clearly. Sure, from time to time we need to surf the net… but using it as an editor is my #1 focus. When I started looking I found my graphics card isn’t a powerhouse, but 1080p nothing has been an issue. Finding a monitor much larger than 32" is a bit of a pain… what some folks had mentioned wxga is good at 2550x1600 …

I do appreciate your comments they make a lot of sense at this point I think I"ll forget 4K for my studio.

Does the latest April update fix scaling problem in Cubase?