Very very tiny window when opening VSTi control panel:PianoTeq 7

Hi - Yesterday morning my PianoTeq 7 control panel, when opened within Cubase Pro 11, opened up at the normal, readable size. Then at some point yesterday I must have clicked a wrong button, because it started opening up very small.

More interestingly, every time I closed it and opened it, it kept opening smaller and smaller, so now it’s barely legible!

I had my preference for HiDPI in the middle setting when all this started happening, I checked and that didn’t change. I disabled that option in preferences, but it stills opens up tiny tiny size, even after rebooting the computer.

Any advice please?

Thanks in advance!

(PS Halion Sonic SE opens up normal size, even now …)

Bump for any replies, please :slight_smile:

Problem in a nutshell: Out of the blue my PianoTeq control panel started “shrinking” every time I opened it. It’s so small now it’s almost completely illegible.

I think that may have also happened with another control panel, but I can’t find which one.

Halion Sonic SE control panel is normal size.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Cubase 11 Pro, W10 on Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel(R) Core™ i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz 2.11 GHz; 16.0 GB, 64-bit) , with two bus-powered USB hubs, Steinberg UR28M interface