Vibrato/Tremolo on natural vocal


I’m hoping you good folks might be able to help me with a vibrato/tremolo problem please!:blush:

I’ve got an unnaturally flattened vocal, including the ending tail of the held note, and I’d like to create/edit a realistic vibrato/tremolo there at the end.

I’ve used the native Vibrato app in the past, and found it interesting but not convincing/realistic enough for a natural vocal sound.

I can’t pinpoint why not, maybe because the native Cubase vibrato app wasn’t coupled to accompanying natural tremolo changes, or maybe because it was hard to dial in how often the vibrato/tremolo changes occurred over time (I’m looking for something that matches a voice that has ever shorter periods of time between shifts as the note ends), or … ?

Any suggestions please for most realistic vibrato/tremolo to a natural sounding voice?

Thank you for any help!

I’d try putting the vibrato on an FX Channel so you can control the mix of the original & effected signals. This would also let you further treat the effected signal. If you have a recording with vocal vibrato you like and look at its signal on an EQ display I bet the vibrato only happens over a limited frequency range - try using a bandpass filter on your vibrato so it only happens within that range. A tiny bit of chorus on the vibrato might help it blend with the original. A very slow tremolo could add a little variation over the length of the vibrato. Maybe try two vibratos in series set to different unrelated rates. Or you could even go the other way and make it sound intentionally unnatural.

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Thanks @raino for the creative ideas and nice hints on creativity! I do have Revoice Pro, which has a vibrato function as well, so I’ll see what options I might have there also.