:blush: This sounds like a rookie question but… how is the vibrato controlled on …lets say tenor saxophone. My guess is that it is an LFO controlled by the modulation wheel, but where is it, how can I make it trigger vibrato only when the mod wheel is engaged, or trigger it with the mod wheel (default on) or change the vibrato speed or type. This should be easy, but I have been trying to figure this out for a long time, and I can’t find it in the manual.


The way I do it is go to modulation matrix. Select LFO (I tend to use triangle wave) as source 1 to control Pitch. Dont need much depth. Usually 1.00 is enough. Select mod wheel as source 2 (in the same modulation slot) You can play with the range settings (maybe reduce the mod wheel range :min. 0, max. 50), but the way it is by default should work.

If you want to control the vibrato speed, in another modulation slot assign mod wheel to control LFO frenquency (the same LFO that is controling pitch). Play with the depth setting. I usually end up with depth setting around 40-50

Thanks very much, I will try that. Can you tell me how to determine if vibrato is always on, or has to be triggered via the mod wheel?
Thanks again

If you want vibrato which is always on, assign an LFO as Source 1 to control Pitch and you’re done.
Leave Source 2 empty.

If you want to trigger the vibrato, assign mod wheel (or aftertouch, Quick control, CC, anything you find useful) as Source 2 in the same modulation row. This will scale the amount of vibrato from nothing to full effect, depending how you set up depth, range, min. max. values.

Thanks again