Video and Audio a bit out of sync after video export

Hi all !

As the title say, after i export a video on which i did sfx and foley i can see the audio is slighly out of sync, enough so i can see it.

Has anyone encountered this issue before ?
I searched the web but nothing so far …

Thank you for your answers !

Same here… Audio seems to be about 10 frames off(late).
I’ve come across not one fix or answer yet. =(

I don’t know if it has real effect or if i’m imagining things but ! i may have found something ?

I just augmented the video cache. (Editing -> Preferences -> Video)

Might be useful. Or not. Hope someone finds a proper solution !

I’m having the same issue in Cubase 11 Pro.
Only just started working on video stuff and I really can’t have this happening, as I will need to work back and forth with the Director until he is happy!

So, been working on a 1 minute sizzle which I have written the music for . Synced it up perfectly with Cubase and mixed the whole thing down as a video, after the export, the vid and music/fx are out of sync, the stabs don’t come exactly as they were before the export, the music is slightly off by a few frames but enough to tell.
Really need to find a solution to this please if anyone has a fix for this I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

Did you adjust the video playback offset in your DAW to ensure perfect sync after export or did you counted on it to be fine?
It is most likely the problem is with your playback when you create the audio and think you are good but actually you’re not.
That being said, it is also possible that your system can’t handle the load because the video export is about 30 Kbps and it shows as out of sync when it’s actually not.
My advice would be: first open Studio Setup>video player, make sure you set the format to be the same as you videos, download to your mobile device an app named Catchin’ Sync, read the instructions and make several tests (at least 10) to make sure your playback is in best sync offset, every Display device has its own issues so you’ll have to find what’s right in your setup.
After you have everything setup correctly you’ll be able to know exactly when you really have a problem.
There’s a lot more into video/audio synchronization, but that’s a good start point to make sure you can trust what you see.

Thank you Sagi for your excellent suggestions.
Actually Cubase 11 Pro warns me before starting that the project is not the same as the video so I set this is up to match before proceeding so all is good there. However I was not aware of the ‘Catchin Sync’ app you talk about, what a brilliant suggestion THANK YOU! I will get that and give it a try, hopefully that will be my fix.

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I’ve just noticed (as i was working on editing recordings i made) that Cubase plays the audio just before reaching the audio event.
I’ve tested it several times by stopping the play bar just before an audio event, and that’s when the audio started to play…
So i’m wondering if it’s linked to that out of sync issue ? Anyone knows how to make sure Cubase plays the audio at the right time ? Maybe an audio cache setting or something ?

Thanks for the help !

Well, the video export is H264 and H264 will never playback in perfect sync no matter which encoder is used, so no, no surprise there. Did you recode the video into ProRes or DNxHD to check properly?

Hi, thanks for your answer !
I wasn’t working with video.

Ahhh I see, sorry, so why did you post on this thread?

Either way, sounds like an ASIO Guard or physical buffer size issue.
Could be also graphic card issue if the issue is not with the audio playback itself but the way you see the timeline progress…

I posted in here cause i thought it could be related or even the cause of the sync issue !
My buffer is pretty low like 96 (Focusrite). I’ll look around the Asio guard thing !

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