Video and audio issues.

Hello all,

I’m having some problems with Cubase Studio and video. The project I’m working on is the first time time I’ve tried to use video so I’m probably missing something obvious. What I’m doing is perhaps a little unusual - I’m preparing a set of backing tracks to supplement live musicians in a amateur theatre production. These tracks will be playing back live from Cubase. I’m using Cubase for playback rather than bouncing everything down so I can loop certain sections of score live as needed. In addition to this I’m trying to record a video of myself conducting each song which I plan to have running in Cubase along with the backing tracks. This video will be sent to an external monitor in the orchestra pit. The idea this will free me up from some conducting to do things like monitor playback/loops and also play some other instrumental parts. Anyway, it is the video part where I’m stuck. I’ve done the following:

Played back a track in Cubase, with click track, through speakers and videoed myself conducting the track. Format is .mov and 30FPS. I’ve then imported this video into back into Cubase into the same project. I’m using the audio on the video (from the playback when I was videoing) as a guide to sync the video to the tracks in Cubase. I get the video’s audio starting point aligned with the tracks in Cubase, but by the end of the the video the vidoe’s audio and original tracks in Cubase get gradually out of sync (The video’s audio plays slightly faster). I have my project setup to 30FPS. I’ve experimented with changing this FPS rate to other settings (as I figured it may be a frame rate issue) and re-importing the video but it doesn’t seem to make any difference - the audio is always the same amount out of sync regardless of how I set the frame rate.

Any suggestions?


I think, there is common syncing problem.

How did you get the video? What was the source data? How did you sync the music with the video, during capturing the video?

Look, if you have 2 different devices, which are not synced (I mean in real time, it means, 1 device is Master – transmit syncing data – 1 or more devices are Slave – receive synced data), you will always get non-synced tracks (audio or audio/video). If you listen the music from the Cubase, capture video (just by hearing the sound), and then Import this back to the Cubase, these tracks are not synced.

At this moment, you have to sync it manualy, by stretch the audio.

Am I out of place?