Video and audio sync issues / Cubase Pro 9.5


Looking for help…

I recently upgraded my Cubase Pro 9 to 9.5 knowing that the video engine would not rely on Quicktime anymore.
Big issue for le on Mac osx, when I import a video ( H264 ) , the corresponding audio file is completely out of sync. I didn’t have that problem on Cubase Pro 9. Any idea about a conversion process for the video file in order to get it readable in Cubase Pro 9.5 ? Or do I have to use VideoSlave now ?

thanks for your help

Hey Sathyava… have you figured this out?
I just stated using 9.5 yesterday.

My problem is that I write music in cubase and use protools as a master session with split tracks of music… for film and television. When working on a seen I output pix for the scene from protools and import into cubase. Having to convert the pix after exporting from protools would be a huge pain!

Is it because cubase no longer uses Qt for video? Why suddenly change.

Any help would be appreciated

Cubase 9.5
Protools HD 10