Video and MIDI Change Program issue using arrange track

Hi. In Cubase 9 and 9.5 I have the following problem playing several arrange events with different videos:
When the previous event in the chain is set to pause after play, there is no problem.
But if the previous event is set to “normal” everything goes fine in audio and midi but the video doesn’t play.
I noticed that this occures when the cursor must jump back or forwards but not if they are next together.

A few weeks ago I wrote an official support request, which was answered by the Steinberg support crew as follows (I will translate from german to english right after):

“Nun kann ich das ganze tatsächlich reproduzieren und das auch Plattform übergreifend, also auch auf anderen Betriebssystemen. Das bedeutet nun aber auch, dass es sich mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit um einen Bug handelt der auf Entwickler Ebene behoben werden muss! Meine Kollegen aus der QA haben einen Fix für das Update 9.5.20 geplant. Die arbeiten für 9.5.10 sind bereits abgeschlossen, daher wird es in diesem Update keinen Fix geben. Wann 9.5.20 erscheint vermag ich noch nicht beantworten zu können. Auch kann ich den Fix an dieser Stelle nicht versprechen, da es noch keine 100&% Rückmeldung von den Entwicklern gibt. Die sind aber auf jeden Fall informiert und an der Sache dran!”

“The problem was reproduced platform independently. This means that there is a big chance that this is a real bug, which must be handled by the developer crew. A fix is planned for the coming update 9.5.20. Work on the 9.5.10 update was accomplished by now, thus there will be no fix for this problem in 9.5.10. The release of 9.5.20 cannot be estimated by now. Also, the fix cannot not promised, since there was no feedback from developer crew, though they are informed and working on it.”

I strongly guess that you have the same problem that I had few weeks ago using longer videos and using arranger events.
This problem, by the way, relates to at least 7.0, 9.0, and 9.5.

Hope this helps for the time beeing, kind regards!

There’s something else.
If you have a midi track in a project with arrange track, to send midi program change to a guitar processor, or keyboard, sometimes sends erroneous patch, depending where the cursor jumps from. So it forces you to make a flatten version each time to play correctly.

Hello Riki,

are you using SYSEX patches to program your guitar processor?

Kind regards,

Hello. I´m using my self-designed true 8 bypass (PIC based).
It changes to a pre programmed combination of relays on or off each time it receives a Program Change on its midi in.
It works fine except in those cases i described before.
I´ve the same problem using a Boss GT100 instead… and inclusive with the patches of a sampler or synth in an instrument track.
This issue I notice since Nuendo 4. Windows and Mac.
Now I´m in Mac with a Steinberg (Yamaha) UR44.
Thank you for your interest.

It seems there is a small “offset” in handling other tracks than audio.
The videos are not played correctly, the video “relating” to the position of the audio is somewhat of 1 minute late or so.
I didn’t do any further tests, since I don’t have the time to play around.
It must be fixed, that’s clear, and then everything will be fine for me :slight_smile:

After installing hotfix 9.5.21 the problem is still existent. :frowning:

Oh. I think we´re alone in this.
We are sentenced to flat de arrange track forever.

Hi! You are not alone on having this problem. Just posted on a new thread before discovering this one. I even updated to 9.5 from 7.5 and was convinced this was solved 2 versions later. This needs an urgent fix Steinberg! Any news on the topic?

Hi people.
I installed the new 9.5.3 but not tested yet. ¿Someone did?
I discovered a clue: sometimes it changes the behavior if the loop of the transport bar is on or off. Is important to be off. There could be something there maybe, because transport orders a loop while the arrange track orders another thing.

The problem is the same unfortunately in 9.5.30 too. I also tried both using the “loop” button in the transportbar, and without it beeing activated. No difference.

Are there any kind souls out there that can try to set this up and see if it works or not works? If so, make a new project consisting of 3 videos along the timeline with Video 1 first, Video 2 second, and Video three last. Place them in 3 Arranger Events. Set the Arrangement chain like this:
Arranger 1 - Video 1.
Arranger 3 - Video 3.
Arranger 2 - Video 2.

So when Video 1 is finished, the Arranger will jump to Video 3, skipping Video 2. Dont make the project pause when one video is finished, let it run continuously.


still the same problem in 9.5.50.
Why the hell is no one at Steinberg taking care about?

No idea.
I paid 100 plus for version 10.
Lots of new problems.
No idea about the midi and video behavior in arrange track.
I still love Cubase, but… I´m a university´s sound teacher in Uruguay (South America, third world, Earth). There is no educational licence from Steinberg in my country. I paid 1.1000 euros until now. Pro Tools educational licence is 100 or 200 dollar… Mmmmm.