Video changes speed along with tempo track in Cubase Artist 11

I’m working on the score for a shortfilm. The music should gradually increase its tempo at one point. But when I create a tempo track in Cubase, it also makes my video play faster. My goal is to have the tempo increase without affecting the speed of the video. Does anyone here know advice on how I can achieve this?

Is the Video Track in time linear timebase? If it’s not, that’s why it tries to keep up with the tempo changes.

I can only change the timebase of the audio track of the video (containing sounds), not for the visual track of the video. But I tried changing the timebase of the audio, but the track was unfortunately still affected by the tempo changes I made on the tempo track.

This is strange, because I’ve never observed video speed changing before, and that the video track can only be in linear time base.

I don’t think the problem depends on the video track. If you change the tempo of the project with the tempo track only the playback speed will be higher, but the MIDI files will not be rafted. This means that the video (or an audio file) will also play faster. I thought that maybe there is a function that makes the displayed bars actually narrower while the pointer moves through the project at a constant speed. The Tempo Track doesn’t make the MIDI recordings go faster, it just makes the whole project play faster, the video gets dragged along.

What happens when you mute all midi and audio tracks and you observe the the video playing back?

Can you change the speed of the video itself in that scenario?

Muting the tracks does not change the effect of the tempo track. The video file keeps playing faster when I increase the BPM on the tempo track.

What version of Cubase are you using? You tagged the topic with Cubase le-ai, but those versions do not have a tempo track.

I use cubase artist. I used that tag because I thought all alternate version of cubase to cubase pro are incorporated in that tag.

Do you have any other ideas how I could solve my cubase problem?

Hi, I’m having the same problem in Cubase Artist - did you ever manage to sort it?