Video Converter

Can anyone suggest a video converter software so I can convert .wmv files to work in Cubase 6?

I have tried MyVideoConverter - trial version. Not bad but seems to add a second to the length of the video somehow. I also tried FreeMaker Video Converter - lovely interface but none of the file types I created (e.g. MOV, MPEG1, MPEG4 or AVI) seem to work in cubase.

Either this

Or eright Super video encoder following that format advice.

Either this

Or eright Super video encoder following that format advice.

Thanks Grim. That link is a really intersting tutorial. I shall experiment with the advice in the tutorial.

Experimented but no joy. Using both the Super video and the encoders recommended on the tutorial are not working for me. Has anyone any other suggestions?


I have been using this for a few months now, pretty much does everything.

Many thanks Johngar. Just tried imtoo and it works nicely. I converted a 45MB wmv file to a 16MB MPEG4 and it imports nicely into cubase 6. The trial version is free and lets you convert a video track up to three minutes long. The unlimited version costs $34 which is about equivalent to £20 - which I’ll happily pay for given that this is the 5th video converter that I have tried out and it seems to be very easy to use. :smiley:

Downlaod this utility, it will help with many problems with codecs & converting

Thanks Discoworx

If I have any more video converting problems, I’ll give this a try.

I highly recommend Format Factory and/or Any Video converter.
Both are free.