Video cut detection: Name markers with timecode value?

Video Cut Detection is fantastic. But I would very much like the option of naming the cut markers with the timecode value.

The reason for this is: When composing for film, I often have the film itself at the start of the project placed at the correct timecode, but I always copy small parts of the film to chunks later in the project and work on separate cues there first (this is because of tempo changes and not wanting to screw up the timing of other events when making a change to another cue). To keep track of timecodes, it is then a workaround to insert the timecode names in markers placed by the video cut detection, and move those markers around with the video clips themselves.

BUT entering timecode values in all those markers manually takes some time. Or maybe this can be solved with the PLEā€¦? In short, what I want to do is: Select a long series of markers on one marker track, and auto rename every one of them to the value of their respective timecode values.

Can this be done? :smiley:

You might have some luck using the Logic Editor.