Video decoder not working


I’m having an issue with the video decoder for Avid DNxHD(R).

I’ve purchase the decoder, activated it, but it still cannot read mov. files, or anything other than mp4. Not sure what to do next to make it work.

Thanks for your help!

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Both QuickTime movies (.mov) and MP4 are only containers.

Wether you can open files will depend on how the media is actually encoded.

Are you sure your media is DNxHD? This would usually come in a MXF container (.mxf)

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Yes, the problem is that I’ve bought the decoder, but when I import a video, I get this message from cubase saying I need to purchase the decoder. But it’s already bought and activated.

Did you already activate the license in Steinberg’s Activation Manager?

Yes I did. All activated

If on Windows - installed as Administrator?

Ah sorry I’m on Mac here