Video delay problem with a Decklink card in N5..5

The video offset delay that’s applied through the ‘Devices-video player’ menu doesn’t work as it did in Nuendo 4.

My Decklink card, plus pioneer Plasma monitor require a total delay compensation of 5 frames to bring the video into sync with audio.
In N4 I dialled this in in the above mentioned menu and the picture was outputted early to correct for the processing delay in the video card and screen.
In Nuendo 5.5 I find a similar offset box in the ‘video player’ menu, but if I put in a delay, the offset incorrectly applies a bigger delay, ie positive not negative, and the sync is worst and not corrected for.

Perhaps I should point out this is my first run with the trial of 5.5, but I have no reason to believe that this will be the way it’ll work when I buy the upgrade.
David Taylor

hi david

that’s very odd. the (now in msec) offset should advance the picture by that offset. are you using the latest decklink software? the latest quicktime? what is the format of the video file? and have you got the format field setup correctly in the video setup page of n5?

also you should put your full system specs in your signature so we can see more details about the setup.