Video disappears

This is my first attempt to attach video to a Flow.

I open a new project with piano solo and one Flow.

I can see the video in the window ( its annoying on a laptop that the window goes into background when hitting play). For 2 measures I hear the new music mixed with the old audio and I can see the video.

After adding 10 empty measures, the video disappears and I can only see a black screen with a white square in the upper left corner. But I can still hear both the the old audio and the new Dorico music.

I haven’t tried this at home on my 27 inch monitor yet.

Using Dorico 2.2 on Windows 10 Dell XPS 15


Worked fine once when I started a new project and kept the window open on a separate extension monitor.

However if I go back to using just my laptop, it breaks and then using the 2 monitors doesn’t fix it. It now stays broken. Once the video window is minimized. Nothing that I try will open it.

I tried: rebooting, using just laptop, reboot again, use 27 in monitor and lap top, rebooted again, used different screen resolution on lap top. detached the video and attached it again, used different videos, deleted all three test projects, started a brand new project.

Nothing will re-open the video window now.

If you click the video button in the toolbar to hide and show the window again, does it reopen? I expect that somehow its position is ending up off-screen. Try the tip described in this previous post to bring it into view again.

Thank you for the reply.

By looking at the link you provided I am able to determine that I have two separate problems.

  1. I have the same minimize/maximize problem as described by that previous post. It is intermittent.

  2. When I can occasionally get the window open again, the video sometimes just disappears and there is a white box in a black background that does amazing 70’s style b&w video synthesis when I resize the window. Once this happens it stays stuck like that even when I close the bad test project and then open a good test project that was working fine. I have to completely shut down Dorico and restart it to get the good project to work again.
    a) When I use the menu Window/Video and uncheck it to close and check it to open, it always works.
    b) When I close the video window with the red x in the corner the whole application stays broken.

Are you in a position to be able to share the video file with us? If you can send it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de via e.g. it would be interesting to see if I experience the same problems with the video on any computer here.

Have you tried updating your display drivers, in case that provides any improvement?

I sent one of the videos.

Thanks, Michael, I will take a look. Have you tried updating your video card/display drivers?

I just updated to the latest driver. There is no change.

The video (a spinning cube, yes?) plays absolutely fine for me. Do you know what kind of graphics hardware your Dell XPS 15 has? We might be able to try and find a machine with a similar video configuration.

Yes it plays fine for me too. I can close it and open it again with F4 but if I close it with the red x , the video window becomes corrupted.

I can select which video hardware will run Dorico.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050.
onboard Intel HD Graphics 630.

Same results with both hardware.

Also loaded Dorico onto my Lenovo laptop. Same results, F4 works fine, red X corrupts the Video window.

Also tried different video formats, all with the same result.

Thanks, now I understand the problem: the video window doesn’t work on Windows once you have closed it using the X in the corner. We’ll sort this out as soon as we can. In the meantime, hopefully you can work around the problem by only closing the window via the shortcut or the button on Dorico’s toolbar.

Yep, I’m good, thanks for your help.

Probably my problem is related to this. With two monitors on my Windows PC, I usually move the Dorico window to the larger one which is the extension monitor. Closing the window with X leaves the hub open. Opening now a new or the same project from the hub, no Dorico window would appear at all on either screen, but I can see it on the taskline. When closing the hub as well, everything is fine when opening Dorico the next time.

Try this: