Video distortion

Twice I’ve tried to use Microsoft Expression software to record a section of Dorico playback.

What I get is an extremely blurry and unusable clip. Hadn’t seen this with anything else I’ve used it on. Anyone know how to fix it?


i think you use very old encoding/capturing software from Microsoft ( 2010 Win 7 32bit ). If you use free expression encoder, then no (intel,amd,nvidia gpu hardware) support is given, and no h254 encoder on free version. Try newer software on example like this:

If you search only for free, then this techradar has listed “best” sreen recorder software

Thanks aaandima!

I use this for any screen recording I need to do:

Thanks, works great. Free is always a good price! (had to watch a few tutorials on youtube to figure it out though)

Only thing I’m wrestling with is how to get the highest quality audio. I would like to use the .wav file generated by Dorico. Video sites often retranslate whatever you upload and degrade quality, so goal is upload with highest quality possible to start with.