Video editing suites

I am curious which video editors members use, and to rate them. I have been using Premiere Pro for decades but find it frustrating at times. Your opinions matter.

GrassValley Edius 9 simple editing

and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve for more

Premier Pro and Vegas for editing and Resolve for color grading. I do not like Premier Pro for audio. Vegas is GREAT but only for the PC (Mac version never appeared). Hope this helps…

Thanks for the response. How would you compare Vegas to Pr?

Davinci Resolve is hard to beat. Even the free version is very capable.
I love node based fusion engine and color grading which is beyond everything on the market.
Because of the free version you should absolutely try it!

I love Vegas. It is what I started on and for me it is the best DVW in terms of working with audio. I agree that Resolve is hard to beat but you better have a “super computer” to run it. I also like Premier Pro but not for audio. FWIW :slight_smile:

Vegas is very friendly and fast and its user interface is thought like a DAW. It is very easy to start with it. Uses OFX plugins like DaVinci Resolve so your investment in plugins is another interesting thing. And Vegas support ARA and VST3. If you are in PC there is no better option in my humble opinion.

And I forgot to mention that you can configure Wavelab to be used as the external editor of Vegas. Also, it has plugin automation for OFX and VST3, features Wavelab do not have.