Video engine 5.1.1

why did you lock the thread about the video engine?

I’ve been working with the new update for some time and to be honest, the previous version was working better !

I’ve been reading about jerky video and stuff but… never had any issue with reasonably sized files on 5.1. When a file was huge , yes i had issues.


now in 5.1.1 on macpro , when i do a simple resize of my video window , everything freezes for a few minutes. the only way to fix that is to close and re-open the video window.

on pc , i had the same problem though it didnt froze the whole desktop. just the video.

i have installed the engine update of course.

I can’t repro this. Which video codec used? How large file?


its 1920x180, H264, 3000KBS . not sure if the codec is QT or MC.

It plays perfectly and smooth with small or big window size, until i try to resize it .