Video Engine Has Stopped Working error message

When starting Cubase 7.5.20, I get the error message ‘Video Engine Has Stopped Working’. Cubase starts when clicking the OK button and functions correctly, except for video.

I’ve searched the forum and apart from renaming videoengine.dll, there seems to be no solution.

Anyone know of a better cure for this?

Windows 8.1 x64
Cubase 7.5.20
NVidia GTX460 with 337.88 drivers



I think I solved this problem (at least for myself, on my PC).
When I was closing Cubase, the pop-up always showed up after a couple of seconds:
“Video Engine has stopped working”, and sometimes also “VST Bridge stopped working”.

SOLUTION: Try updating/reinstalling/INSTALLING the LATEST update of Quick Time Player.

Check the picture I’ve uploaded (screenshot with the Error Details).
Cubase error details.png
As you can see, in my case (maybe also in your case) the QuickTime was the faulty module.
This gave me the idea to install/update QuickTime.

This worked with me.
No more errors.

Hope this helps you guys, out there.
Steinberg still did not respond to my issue, by now.