Video Engine output


Is it possible to share the video engine output to VST connect in stead of a web cam(future feature)?
I’m thinking of using this for remote mix approvals and ADR sessions.

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Have you checked into virtual webcam software? You could possibly trick VST Connect by routing its video source from the software’s virtual output.

If I understand rightly, if you’re presenting video to the ‘Performer,’ and you activate Rehearsal mode, the performer will hear you synced with the playback, and the playback will be instantaneous on the Engineer machine, so it seems it would be well suited to that. (Recording in Rehearsal would be out of sync, btw)

re: ADR sessions

I don’t think the audio/video sync is very accurate even in rehearsal mode so I’m not convinced this will work ? Also the video stream is pretty compressed, even at higher bandwidth settings so your clients might find it a little underwhelming ?

I think there is a plan to put “synced video playback” into the performer app - a bit like cineSync: remote review and approval software – Cospective I suspect.

You could also use the MTC/LTC output to drive a video player on the remote end ?

Yeah, I should have said- rehearsal mode is not good for recording, so no ADR. But I’m going to re-check what I said above… I might be mistaken about something.

we’re working on video playback and streaming in VST Connect, stay tuned.

Many thanks for your replies,
I have purchased the pro version, as it stands it looks like a great solution for voice over recording.
Looking forward to the improved video steaming improvements.
An other thought…having the abiltiy for 3 connections

  1. recording engineer
  2. remote Voice over artist
  3. remote producer listening(and watching) in with talk back. Just a thought.



hi Mike

you could rig something up for the producer VIA a 2nd pc/mac/tablet and Zoom - gives the video and two way conversation. Route the studio audio output to the 2nd PC. Not quite the solution you’re looking for, I know, but I’ve used that to do more or less the same thing as you’re suggesting.

As sync/latency isn’t quite the same priority for the producer and bandwidth of VST connect can be fairly low, I’m not sure why you couldn’t have multiple ‘read only’ connections to VST connect, watching on “Studio Pass” for example ?

Thanks Dr,

Will look into it.