Video Engine still crashing in 7.5.3

I’d hoped the 7.5.3 update would sort this problem since there are so many reports since 6.5. I’ve done the standard fix which is to delete/rename the relevant files - but why the feck do I have to do this at all? Why isn’t there an option in “Preferences” to disable video function?

I know this feature wouldn’t help the guys who have this problem but who DO use the Video function, but at least there would be fewer irritated Cubase users.

Come on Steiny - fix the video engine problem. :angry: :angry:

Here’s what worked for me - give it a try:

Thanks Maincat, for a moment I thought your fix would work for me, the program loaded without a hitch but on exit I got the “Video Preloader Engine has stopped working”" message (which is a bit obvious really as I’d just shut Cubase down). :laughing: I tried the compatibility mode fix on the “videopreload.exe” but the problem remained.

The program starts and exits more quickly with all the video files in quarantine but I’m left with the feeling that it shouldn’t be a partially disabled program for what it costs.

Thanks again bud.

Sorry to hear that.

It’s clear that the video section of Cubase is the Cinderella of the program. It needs fixing now. I’m lucky in that the fix worked for me and I now haven’t an issue, but that’s not good enough.

I’m assuming that Nuendo doesn’t have this issue. Can’t the relevant files be transferred for Nuendo to Cubase?

More silence from Steinberg on this issue isn’t tolerable. Come on Hamburg, please sort this out.

Just a thought…

Try renaming the videopreload.exe file to something like videopreload_notused.exe, then start Cubase. Does the error go away on shutdown?

I’m guessing that the only function videopreload.exe has is to speed up the viewing of video (by caching?) and is not essential for anything else. If that’s right, then you should still be able to work with video in Cubase. Not a great or final answer, but worth a go.


Hi Steve - I tried renaming the files one by one, but I find it easier now to move the four files to a folder on the desktop. We shouldn’t have to fiddle around like that and it does relegate Cubase to something less than professional. As far as I know Steinberg have been completely silent on this issue and I’m currently having a look at Reaper - which will run on open source operating systems. That way I remove myself from TWO update loops! The Reaper team also seem more responsive to their customers.

It’s a shame. I’ve used Cubase since the Atari days and Pro16 and Pro24 before that.

Thanks for your input Steve.