Video Export as background thread

Love having the new Video Export feature.
One feature suggestion would be that when it’s done creating the wav file it would be great if the creation of the video could run as a thread in the background. Exporting longer videos it freezes up your system for quite a long time.


Since you’re on a Mac you can just export audio separately and copy/past into the timeline using QT player 7 (or “pro” or whatever it’s called… the paid version). That should be faster, assuming you don’t want to transcode to a different format.

If it’s the latter then other software is probably faster anyway.

PS: I don’t necessarily disagree with your request, but to me it’s one of those things that really has a potential of making the software either less stable or lagging. And I know that if it doesn’t run as usual then people will complain.

Thanks for your thoughts Mattias.

That’s of course how I did it previously. So yeah, I still do that once in a while if I don’t want the transcoding.
But it’s a bit more work to use QT if it’s only part of a video you wanna export. I do like the new exporting tool :slight_smile:
I’m just sounding an idea. Of course it shouldn’t be on behalf of rending the software unreliable.

+1 for background encoding. I’m on Mojave and that doesn’t support QT7, so this would be a great feature.
As a matter of fact, video cut detection should also be in the background… I don’t necessarily have to do cpu intensive things during detection… but it would be great if I at least could navigate my session and push AAF/OMF regions/clips from track to track. I’ll make a new request for this.

I am pretty convinced that we won’t see a background thread video export any time soon. However if I understood Timo correctly replace audio is in the plan. When implemented it will be fast but will still create to large video files for many use cases.
QT7 is depreciated and won’t work at all on new Mac OSes. I have since a while back transitioned to MediaER toolkit a great ffmpeg frontend specifically created to deal with this for us audio folks.