Video Export - DNxL issues


I’ve recently upgraded to N10 and am having issues with black video on video export. I receive a warning message that I need to install the avid codec. I have reinstalled the codec and playback of the file is fine.

Installed Codec:
Video_Decoder_for_Avid_DNxHD_2.1.0_installer_vcredist_x64_2013_win.exe installed.
Warning Message:

Is this a known issue?


I recently got the same message, although I’m on Mac.
The video which caused the warning was converted into DNxHD by a program called “DNxER” by Audiospot, which I’ve been using quite a long time without serious issues.
Note: “my error” appeared immediately when I wanted to play back the video. I’ve read in your post that your video plays back fine, doesn’t it?

Though, when I converted this very video from the original format into DNxHD again, but this time through a recently-purchased-program-called-“FF Works”, Nuendo didn’t render this error and played the DNxHD-video flawlessly…

Since I’m not able to check “from the outside” whether a DNxHD has been converted properly or not, I can not 100% certain say that DNxER’s coding was the culprit, so please forgive me if I’m sending you into the wrong direction now.

Niek/ Amsterdam

Check if you have the Steinberg Avid codec license and the latest plug in installed to playback Avid DNxL files in Nuendo.
If you do there are still limitations like it won’t playback Avid DNxHD 10bit.

My file is a direct export from the adobe timeline. I have also tried exports directly an avid timeline from Avid MC, I still get the same Video Export error.

Video Export works if I use .mp4 files which indicates to me the problem is the decode of the Avid DNxHD file by the encoder rather than an encoding issue.