Video Export: exporting the score layout and music in a video

I’d like to be able to create a video that I can show to my clients.
After export the video should contain:
→ the score layout (the musical score);
→ the cursor moving (like it does in the Score Editor);
→ high quality audio (compressed).

So far I’ve been using QuickTime to screen-record the Score Editor playback, but sometimes, the movement of the cursor gets laggy… Please, add this to future versions of Cubase.

You may want to try increase your buffer size and also mute all MIDIs and merge the mixdown audio separately to video.

Your comment makes me think you didn’t understand my request at all. I want Cubase to create the video for me. Audio included.


It looks like you need a little bit of training. Anyway, I appreciate your comment! Thank you.
Cubase is not for everyone, you know. In fact, Cubase is for anyone willing to build templates. They’re hard to build, but when you have them… you have a true blessing on your hands. You need a drum map in order to display drums MIDI parts properly in the Score Editor.