Video export - nice (small) improvement

In his live stream last night, Greg described the new ‘replace audio’ in video feature. This (now) allows you to point your audio output/mixdown, to a lower res version of the vid (to send over for approval purposes etc…) and replace the audio there. No more having to render out the whole shebang at full res (huge file size).

Of course, by now most folk I guess had stopped doing that full res render anyway. New workflows being adopted, to achieve this same result (small file size) by using external/third party tools for the audio replacement process.

It was just nice to learn that one step in that process could now be removed…

Not the end of the story by any means - lots was requested for video import/export improvements when C12 first launched.

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not sure if I understood the process, hope you can clarify.
So if I want to replace audio and deliver a lower quality video just to test the new audio should I create a new track version? and then what? replace audio? how do I low the video quality for export?

Hi @diegoalejo15 - This confused me a little too, at first. Had to listen a few times to Greg. I’ve not upgraded to C13 yet, so am only going on the video info posted above. And no, this is nothing to do with the new Track Versions for video; he explains all about that immediately before this sequence, in the presentation.

I think what Greg was explaining was that with the new video export dialog, instead of doing a re-render of the video and new audio from your project (resulting in another full res/ huge file size output), you can choose to just export the audio and point it to replace the soundtrack of an ‘external’ (outside of the project) video of your choosing. That could be the (original) low res version of the one you’ve imported (sent by your director, video/film company) - which as we know automatically gets re-encoded at full hd.

In summary - ordinarily your (video) export will again render at full hd to create a new video with the audio you’ve worked on. Now, from that same export dialog you can choose to just point the audio output of your export, to replace the soundtrack of another, separate video file.

Hope that’s clearer - and it’s what I believe it is…! Otherwise, I’ve seriously not caught the gist of what Greg was describing. Watch the vid - see what you make of it… (I’ve timestamped it to start at the right point).

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thanks for the explanation, I saw the video but didn´t understand how to do it.
Wouldn´t be simplier to be able to export the video rendering with low res?
I´ll test when I´m able, thanks.

There’s a new separate tab for ‘Replace Audio in Video’ feature to achieve this.

Oh yes, of course - been requested so many times since the new video engine was introduced… sadly, they seem reluctant to give us that; or at the import stage too of course. Why not provide choice to just keep the original video res.?

Then there’s Nuendo/Dorico/WaveLab folk to keep happy too - its the same engine used throughout I believe…