Video Export Nuendo freeze

Hi, lately, I’ve tried exporting a video and even in a completely blank project with 2 audio events, when I click EXPORT VIDEO, Nuendo just freezes. I don’t remember changing anything on my PC, except maybe updating GPU drivers.


Could you please use Microsoft ProcDump utility, to generate a DMP file, where we could see, what happens? Share it here then. Thanks.

Hi, no I can’t. I’m not a programmer so I don’t have a clue what, how or when to do with that utility. I click on Export Video and Nuendo freezes, every time.


Then I would recommend to downgrade your GPU back, if this was the only change. But it’s just shooting to the darkness without the DMP file.

Or maybe you can simply tell me what to write into ProcDump to give you the info you need… :unamused:
I entered “procdump -ma -w -t nuendo10.3.exe” and it generated 2 GB file. Is that what you want? I’m asking before I start uploading it for nothing, because 2 GB upload is not a joke.


Yes, this is the right file.

This is the dump file:
I initiated the procdump, started Nuendo, loaded a project with a video, set left and right locators, went to File>Export>Video and freeze. Then I killed Nuendo with a process explorer and the dump was created.


Sorry for my delay. When I tried to download the DMP file, I got “Access Denied” message.

“completely blank project with 2 audio events”

Maybe Nuendo expect a video file to be on the timeline, in order that it can export it?

Well as a matter of fact just a few days ago I deleted the file, because it’s been a long time. Here is a new link that should work:

@noeqplease: by that I meant 2 audio events with a video in the project. It really doesn’t matter what’s in the project. I tried that with different video formats and the issue is still the same. I click Export Video and Nuendo freezes.

Another 10 days without response. So can I delete the link and just learn to live with a bugged video export without any way of contacting Steinberg employees that could do something about it?


Reported to Steinberg.