Video Export Request

A feature request:

Doing a lot of small jobs these days with non timecoded ( in any meaningful way) Video/audio (from dSLR etc). Had a situation yesterday where an unexpected picture change occurred while we were mixing. Rather than have to wait for a new video guide track we edited the video track in Nuendo using info from the video editor. That’s an awesome capability!

What’s not so awesome is that there’s no way to export the mix along with the edited Video Track. This is so important since, in this workflow the Video is really the only source of checking sync. We needed to be able to export our Mix, and a copy of the edited video file. This way if any sync issue crops up when the mix is laid back against the final vision (which in this case was being color corrected) it’s easy to compare the guide from Nuendo against the master and see where the discrepancy is.

Nuendo lets you put the mix back to the original video file that was imported, but can’t render out a new version if edits are made to that track.

We really need to be able to "Export Audio And Video " as quicktime movie.



this has been asked for for a very long time.

for me there are so many variables in the video format we’re asked to deliver that i always do this in fcp/compressor but i agree that it’d be great to export audio and video into one file, especially for quick approval stuff.

my recollection is that dp can do this.

Max, your recollection is absolutely accurate.

It would be very handy to have such a feature in Nuendo.


I found myself wondering about this as well after cutting a video and laying in some audio, I have no way if getting the video out. What’s the point of being able to cut video then?

i think it’s really handy. regularly we have to cut and extend packshots for tv commercials when the editor hasn’t left enough time for the end vo. when the job’s done i just note the t/c of the edit and feed it back to the editor.

Editing the Video in Nuendo is jaw droppingly useful … as is being able to have more than one Video track… though a two up Viewer would be nice for comparison of video tracks…

Seeing as serious Video playback was almost exclusively tape based a while ago I can see how the video export aspect eluded SB for a while. After all we either laid back to tape or sent off files. No Video needed. But now it is totally standard workflow, all video is provided as a file … especially at the level I work at! But if you’re going to let the audio folk trim video there has to be a way to output the result with the mix. Could be for client approval, could be for a finished product… or as in my case… to assure that a correct sync relationship could be verified with the Video Editors.

Please Steinberg … how about it? I can’t see it being that hard to implement really (although maybe QTX has removed all of the Export handles?).



Can’t MXF carry audioi and video? Perhaps that might be a good start

I’m another user who really needs this feature !
I was stumped when I realized I couldn’t do this when even DP and PT let you export your mixdown to a new quicktime .mov.

This is a very high priority FR for me too.

You can export video in Pro Tools? I’m not being sarcastic, I honestly don’t know.


ProTools 7.3 page 840 of the manual says it all…“Bounce the video track and audio mix to a new quicktime movie”. I thought I remembered doing this in versions 5 and 6 too, but that’s getting to far back to say for sure.

So the point is, this feature has been badly needed in Nuendo for years and its puzzling why we still don’t have it.


i’m [pretty] confident that with the new modular concept of the nuendo video engine additional functionality like this can be introduced separate to, and ideally ahead of, application updates.

+1 for video export!