Video export trouble

video export trouble

Please elaborate.

Hello, sorry getting very frustrated and not talking clearly, thanks for your enquiry.
cubase 10.5 pro. i7 proc and 16 gb ram.
I can import video into my project fine and work with it until I try to export, then the audio exports fine but video freezes and sometimes cubase shuts down. I have seen other people on here with the same problem but no answer, not sure if its not enough ram, any help would be appreciated.

@anthony_o_039_donnel you must import a standard FHD video (1920x1080) into Cubase/Nuendo, otherwise, the export gets all kinds of problems.
You should also use ProRes or DNxHD video codecs if and when possible, but this part is not a must, it just gives you a better, smoother playback.

dont know what fhd is but it is mp4 h.264, thanks for your reply

Any video that is 1920x1080 in dimensions is a Full HD (FHD) video. it doesn’t matter what the video codec is.
And just for the record, even though h264 is a supported video codec, only specific h264 rendered files will playback perfectly well in professional DAWs. The key is simplicity, the simplest the compression the smoother it plays back. Or in other words, the larger the file size equals simpler compression, equals requires fewer system resources, hence, smoother and fluent playback while leaving more resources for audio plugins, etc.

thank you

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