Video Exports

With the departure of Quicktime Pro for windows, what way are you rendering mov files for your clients? It used to be the arduous task of using Quicktime Pro to add a wav file to an .mov, and Quicktime on PC was always a buggy as well. Are we going to have to add another third party app to do this?

Video doesn’t mean “QuickTime” or “mov” …
Yes fortunately Steinberg will finally have to use a proper video engine that will hopefully allow “video” export, and hopefully in mp4 or other formats.

The title of your post is obsolete :wink:

Changed the title of the thread from quicktime to .mov. :ugeek: :mrgreen:

Though I can only speak anecdotally, I think Steinberg underestimates the number of composers they lose from their program for not implementing this one silly feature.

That doesn’t change anything at all, mov and QT it’s the same thing.
I should have said “Video doesn’t mean Apple” instead then !
Why do you insist on “mov” ? I don’t get it. It’s a container among others.

Cubase should be able to export video in any format: mp4, mpg, mpeg2, avi, mov, wmv …

+1 with the edit of ‘export and import

I see what you mean now. Thread is now just video exports.

Excellent! :wink: