Video format for import into Nuendo 10

Hi Guys,
Nee some help to get a video file to play nice in Nuendo 10.1
I have this file

see file details in the enclosed screenshot. it is 4 hours long. try different conversions but none will play as nice as should be.
I can convert it using Premiere, or XMedia Recode. I have Avid DNxHD and Avid DNxHR license.

Can anyone offer specific detailed format selection to get it work smoothly in Nuendo? Is the size for the file is an issue at all (do I need to split the video for smaller files)?

Check out this tool:

It’s probably a good idea to tell people what you’ve tried already before people start recommending transcodes you’ve already tried (which then didn’t work the way you wanted).

It’s also probably good to know which of the two computers you’re going to play this back on. In my experience computers really do vary when it comes to playback, with some choking on very compressed videos (taxing the CPU too much) and some on lack of bandwidth (i.e. issues with drives/buses etc versus file size/bit rate).

I can’t say I’ve had any problems with consumer codecs in Neundo in recent times, eg, has been happy with an .Mp4 or .mov (unlike some other DAWs). However, I suspect here that is is related to 1) the four hour length and 2) the use of .Mp4 (H264). H264 codec puts much more strain on the platform because is a consumer format and which does not play every frame, rather, interpolates between frames. ie: requires unnecessary horsepower to decode and play on the fly.

Simple answer: export and use .mxf. MUCH larger file, but includes every frame. The Avid licence is also built for this. Otherwise, could also be partially related to computer platform spec, but at least .mfx should give it an optimum chance. Finally, of course do try to drop the .mfx file size and load through export control of data rate and screen size (eg 720p vs 1080p or similar). Maybe lose the AAC as well.

Not sure exactly how much control Premier or XMedia provide here, but the free version of DaVinci Resolve does a good job of this.

My 2c

Never use an MP4/m4v/h264/aac Audio/ mp3 Audio in the Nuendo video player

I’m on Mac and ProRes just works and works … I only need the ProRes proxy type video as a guide using the Nuendo player. Actually looks pretty good IMO!

On PC I think you can still install QuickTime 7.5 for Prores playback… but be careful with security although for pro users I don’t think there’s a huge issue. You are careful right?

It would be good for Steinberg to add native ProRes playback into Nuendo like they have in Premiere, Resolve and others.

Like others have said requesting a DNx-HD ( ie avid) encoded reference is also an option… though make sure the editor sending it understands that just choosing “MXF” for the export is as likely as not going to end up with an MP4 in an MXF wrapper… so hassle them to ensure it is really DNx-HD or you’ll be back where you started!

If you have MP4 guides videos already I guess you can transcode at you end. There are many Mac and pc utilities that do it … I have used one from a company called PavTube for over 10 years. I’m always reticent though… l’d prefer the Reference to come out of the video edit app with every frame as a distinct piece of data. Especially for long projects. That means ProRes or DNX … or technically DV-NTSC or DV-PAL in standard def. Now there’s a thought…

My Nuendo plays back ProRes just fine and I do not have Quicktime installed. Windows 10/Nuendo 10


To avoid issues, I have a script based on the free app ffmpeg ( to convert every video to a friendly format for Nuendo, following the guidelines provided by Steinberg ( In my opinion, H-264 is good enough for my needs, so I use to convert everything prior to start working with just this command line (it works in every OS):

ffmpeg -i sourcefile.mp4 -x264-params keyint=1:bframes=1:ref=1:b-pyramid=0:weightb=0 -acodec aac -ar 48000 -b:a 320k targetfile.mp4

The source file could be almost any video format available. The list of source file formats and codecs for ffmpeg is here:



I’ve used DNxHD from Premiere for years and it works buttery smooth in Nuendo and Cubase. Bought the license so I could continue using it. To help make the file smaller you can change the resolution (I use 720p). Here are my export settings, but be aware a 4 hour file could be hundreds of gigs. (audio setting is 16-bit 48k .wav)

Test it on a couple minute segment to see if it works for you.

This is great to know… I am unclear about the status of ProRes on Windows, but I have had issues sharing it with some Windows based organizations ( nothing to do with Nuendo/Post production etc ).

Thanks for the update.

Marvelous! Works like a charm. Thank you very much. One should post this on the official Steinberg site.

if anyone needs a drag and drop batch file for this - here you go: (352 Bytes)