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I just rendered a video in Premiere Pro CC, using the H264 codec and an MP4 container. For some reason, I can not open it in Nuendo 10.3, the message being “unsupported media”. Did I miss anything…?

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check these requirements for video in Nuendo:

Video support in Nuendo, Cubase …

I am aware of these requirements, I have the list handy:-) However, that’s just the point: Codec H264 and Container mp4 is supposed to work.

Check if the video has a non-standard framerate, and use something like ER Media ToolKit or x-media recode to modify.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the input! Framerate and height/width were quite standard: 1920x1080, 30 fps. However, I lowered the bitrate and that seemed to do the trick, at least it works now:-)


Excellent! Thanks for the info too.

Could you please tell us what was the bitrate of the rejected video?

I have just done a series of tests with various bitrates from Premiere Pro (to Cubase 11) and it accepts everything so far.

I don’t think high bitrate can cause a video to be rejected from Cubase/Nuendo, there’s most be something else or maybe it didn’t rejected the file altogether, just didn’t playback as smoothly as expected…?

At Sagi: I find it strange too that bitrate should matter. But no, I simply could not import the Video file in Nuendo: Import Window -> “Invalid or not supported file”
At TheMaestro: of course, with pleasure. I noted down the export settings:

1.Not possible to import:
Aspect Ratio: 1920x1080
Frame Rate: 30 fps
VBR 2 pass
Target & Max Bitrate: 50
Rendered at Maximum Depth

2.Working perfectly:
Aspect Ratio: 780x432
Frame Rate: 30 fps
VBR 2 pass
Target & Max Bitrate: 3
Rendered at Maximum Depth

So it could also have been the different aspect ratio, but that would be really weird.
Especially since the original Sequence Settings (and footage) were 1920x1080

The only thing I can still think of right now is the Pixel Aspect Ratio of the Sequence Settings in Premiere. They were D1/DV NTSC (0,9091) instead of “Square Pixels”.
But that’s just guessing, I’m not an expert in Premiere. But I’ll run some more test, because I was very happy with the Video improvements in Nuendo, but now this got me a tad worried.

Thank you very much in any case!


Interesting @Alex_O1,
What profile did you use?
At what level?
I mainly use Profile: High at level 4.0 for best all-around compatibility.

I would gladly look at your video to try and understand what may be the root of the problem if it’s okay with you.
As you probably know, I know I thing or two about video encoding and very interested to see how can that be with what seems to be valid media files.
If you can share the file I will run some tests and try to make sense of it all.

Dear Sagi,

That is most kind of you, and I very much appreciate the offer!
I can send you a short snippet of each (working and not working).
But how do I send them please?

You can upload it to if it’s a sensitive material or if it’s not.
PM me the link or send it to
Alternatively, you can use my “Problematic video analysis dropbox” that I created especially for those things. Here is the link to the file drop area:
Dropbox - Submit files

@Alex_O1 @Sagi
I ran a few other tests using the information you provided, and your guess was correct, the cause is pixel aspect ratio: only square pixels are supported.
And it is not mentioned in the documentation.


Wow, great find Maestro :heart_eyes:


Speaking of a lucky guess :smile: Great work Maestro, this helps a LOT!
I hope Steinberg takes note of this and updates their documentation,
because video-specs are a rather complex matter and not all Nuendo-users are (understandably) familiar with this.

Big thanks, gentlemen!


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At Sagi: uploading my clips to you is probably of no more use now, since we caught the non-square culprit, thanks to Maestro. But big thanks for the kind offer!

Have a great day,

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Yes, no need to analyze the files if we know non-square pixel is the culprit.
BTW, Steinberg does not address in their documentations another issue they have regarding NTSC double framerate which occasionally doesn’t work, and another rejection reason is the non-even row count, for instance, if you have 1920 x 1079 (instead of 1920 x 1080 or 1920 x 1078) the video will not import, same goes for any odd number of pixels rows.

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Hi Sagi,

That is very good to know, writing it down in my Book of Holy (Video in Nuendo) Tips,
thank you very much!

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