Video frame rate problems

Hi Guys,

Having a bit of an issue here - I’m putting sound to a stop motion film which is at 24fps. Cubase says “Video frame rate mismatch - Project 30fps - Video 24”

How can I change the project frame rate? Can I? I need to!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You can in the Project setup…

Avdshare Video Converter will take change MP4 file frame rate as an example and it can also serve to change AVCHD, MTS, M2TS, MXF, XAVC, ProRes, MPG, AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, MKV and almost all video format frame rates

Frame rate, generally speaking, is how many frames of an animation are appearing on your screen per second. It is measured in frames per second (aka FPS). The term applies equally to film and video cameras, computer graphics, and motion capture systems. For video frame rate, a low frame rate will create a flickering effect, and looks a bit choppy and strobe. However, a higher frame rate will makes video very large at a constant resolution, which is probably not accepted by most devices for playback. You know, a video with a higher frame rate may be refused and unplayable since some devices only accept a certain standard value of frame rate. Actually, there are some common-used main frame rate standards for video: 23.97 FPS, 24 FPS, 25 FPS, 29.97 FPS and 30 FPS. You may change the video frame rate, with right software so that to maintain the quality. Besides, it also allows you to change the video resolution, such as 720p to 1080p.