Video fullscreen on 2nd screen and windowed on main screen?

Is there any way to have project video run fullscreen on a 2nd monitor and also have video in a window on my main screen at the same time? This would be handy for my ADR setup where the 2nd screen is in the booth but is not visible from the control room!


Not possible using the method you describe, best way is a third monitor and a video splitter. No matter the format you are using, HDMI, DVI, VGA, or DisplayPort, the splitters are inexpensive, as are the monitors, and the least frustrating avenue to achieve the desired result - IMHO.

Thanks - I ended up mirroring my main display on the booth screen and hotkeying between 2 different workspaces - one for project working view, the other with the video window resized to fill the screen (it doesn’t seem to like switching to and from fullscreen video). Ran with it on an ADR session over the weekend and I can say it worked well enough that I’d recommend it as a workaround to anyone in the same situation.