Video Glitch Problem


I’m having an issue with vídeo running on Nuendo 8.2 and Cubase 9.5.

I hit play and about 10 seconds after, the video glitches. I have the softwares installed on 3 computers running Windows 10 , but this problem only happens on computers without offboard graphic cards.
The solution by now is to disable and enable the video window. But I literally have to do this from 10 to 10 seconds, every single time I hit play.

I tried almost all the codecs and formats suggested here
ProRes, h264, JPEG

I have Live 10 and Reaper running on these same computers, and have no trouble using video on these softwares.

Any help? It’s getting impossible to work.

I have seen this issue on one computer here which is the only one using Intel onboard graphics:

Let’s compare specs:

Mine is a Core i7 8700 with Z370 Chipset and onboard graphic.

Please let me know your specs

Hi Bernhard,

Mine is a Dell Intel Core i7-7700
Onboard Intel HD Graphics 630

Did you solve your problem?

ok, it seems to be a specific incompatibility with Intel HD graphic,
I will report to Steinberg and see if they can repro this behaviour:

That would be great Bernhard!
Thank you!

Please take this suggestions without offense. How about adding an inexpensive, dedicated video card?

I’m seeing this problem too because, ironically, the dedicated dock video card is Intel HD P630.
I will eventually get an eGPU but it sure would be nice for this to work with the Intel HD chipset.

I seem to be having this issue also now with 8.3. Odd enough, didn’t happen with earlier versions. Don’t want to roll back.

Anything else to try but to buy a graphics card?

Hi Tumpii, I got this issue solved after a lot of drivers and updates, from Windows and the Video Card (drivers downloaded from the Intell website).
Today the problem returned, still on 8.2. Then I downloaded the new Intell deiver and Nuendo 8.3, but this time it didn’t fix. Now I don’t know what to do.

This sucks. Big time.

I’m a Cubase 8.5 PRO user and I’m having the exact same issue, also with Intel Onboard HD Graphics. It’s absolutely frustrating and it’s killing my workflow. Other DAWs I have don’t show this problem. I had no luck contacting support in this regard. Of course, I should upgrade my graphic card but that doesn’t justify Steinberg having such A HUGE flaw.

Hi Bruno, the only way I found out to get this fixed it is to get you video card driver updated.
You can use this link:

I got this fixed once, then Nuendo release an update and the problem returned. This second time I couldn’t fix it because Intell website accused my computer to use drivers from Dell. I had to wait about 6 months until Dell release an updated driver. Now it is working just fine.

I am also having this exact same issue on Cubase 11 in windows 10 with onboard Intel HD Graphics 620. I have the intel driver assistant. But according to intel, my graphics driver is fully updated with no more updates to come. I don’t know what to do aside from buying a completely new computer and making sure to not have an intel graphics card, seeing as it’s impossible to work with picture with the pixelation. It’s driving me insane.