Video hardware recommendation for Nuendo12 on MacStudio M1

For HDMI output with Nuendo12, we’re using the Blackmagic UltraStudio 3G on a MacStudio M1 DAW - gernerally it works, but on certain rendering processes it crashes immediately - (when diabling the Blackmagic, it works fine…)

What other Video output hardware is recommended? Any other soutions, we could try?

I use the UltraStudio 4K Mini on my MacStudio and have no issues.

Before you switch, make sure you have the latest BMD software. It’s getting update quite frequently.

@allklier did you buy the new tb3/4 version or have you managed to get the tb2 version running? I hate to buy a new device when the ‘old’ is still performing great (technically).

never mind the 4k is 3tb and had no predecessor named like that

You already decoded, yes the TB3 version.

I also have an old TB2 UltraStudio 4K (not mini), but haven’t used it on Nuendo on recent Macs. Not sure if drivers still support it.