[Video] HornForHire On Video - 2x

Hey everyone,

I’ve been to two video shoots recently, and I wanted to share the result with you! :smiley:

The first is a clip for a recording we did with the Big Band I play in.
The song is called ‘Celebrate Springtime’, you can find the video on the home page:
I play the solo at 3:03.

The second is a demo clip for a new cover band, ‘Stockholm Tivoli’ (the singer is Swedish…).
I’m not a regular player for that band, but the bass player is the bandleader of the Big Band and he asked if I would play on the demo. I will also play some gigs with them, but they’re going to work with a musician pool.
I don’t mind, I’ve got enough bands at the moment…
The only regular players will be the bass player and the singer (husband and wife…).

It was fun doing both videos.


For a second I thought I’d break my rule and prefer one of the brunettes…

…but, no, get me a date with the blonde in the purple dress. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Nice video! Not exactly typical big band music, but still great stuff nonetheless!)

Take a Bow Wim!

Love the Big Band and the small band Coooks!

[don’t tell anyone I said this but; Your looking like a ‘Star’ yourself]


'k Larry … you take the ladies … then I’ll sneak up and sing with the band. Heck I’d love that!

Wim … Applause :slight_smile: … Special congrats for your solo in the first vid … heck … working with the chords AND going anarchic without missing any feel. I’d like to hear more of you playing in that mood.

All the best

Great stuff Wim, stick with that, I can see TV work and gigs coming from this. Absolute best of luck to you :sunglasses:

haha! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Very good Wim! - on all levels!


Thanks guys! :smiley:

Hello Wim - I listened/watched that 1st one - excellent!! I can’t wait to see the 2nd one.

If I may ask a technical questions, not knowing if you were involved in the making of the video itself - I was wondering if the sound was live, or perhaps studio and sync’d to video? Do you know what program was used? If it wasn’t live, the sync was awesome, I didn’t notice even one “out of sync” word or action.

What a great band. And awesome solo! Congrats!!

BTW - I also went to your really nice HfH website. I noticed one little thing out of date … it links to the old cubase.net forum, rather than the steinberg.net one …

Thanks again for sharing such great tunage!

Respect! :smiley: Thanks for sharing.

regards - Robin

The sound was recorded a few weeks before in a studio, we were lip-syncing during the video shoot. Personally I don’t like lip-syncing, but we had fun during the proces. After a few takes we started to play wrong notes deliberately. At one time I played my entire solo a half note higher… :smiley:

I’m not sure which program was used, but I know one of the band members was involved, so that explains why everything was in sync.

Thanks, I will pass the compliment on to them. It sure is fun playing in this band. :sunglasses:

Yes, you’re right. I really need to find some time to update my site… :confused:

Thanks for checking.


Thank you, Robin!