Video import / playback issue

I was importing MPEG 4 videos fine recently into Cubase to play back while recording audio , but for some reason now I cannot.

I am converting MOV files to MP4 files before trying to import, I do not know what changed, and why it will not playback anymore.

Seems Cubase cannot read the video file but from what I can see, its the same as other videos files it can.

Really confused, Steinbergs site is vague for supported video codecs and i’m struggling to find the correct format to convert to so it plays back in Cubase.

VSTPLAY seems to work better than a £700 “professional” DAW.


Follow this article, please.

Yes i’ve seen that, and I use MP4 and had been with no problems, but suddenly Cubase refuses to import video at 30 fps mp4 , it seems its this H264 codec is the problem.

Really is a mess , and Cubase needs better video import options. VSTPLAYER free works better than Cubase.


Have you read and followed to recommended codec and settings, please?