Video in Cubase Pro 11 - black screen

I upgraded from Pro 8 to 11 today and now there’s no video playback in any of my sessions. I have opened old mix sessions from Cubase Pro 8 which contained video files - all which played back just fine. Now, in Pro 11, I just get a black screen with timecode. If I try to re-import the video, it won’t allow me to do so…

Running Cubase Pro 11 on Windows 10 64-bit.


The video engine has been changed in Cubase 9 and later.
Probably your video clips do not conform to the new requirements now.

Have a look here:


The new video engine is great but not all video formats previously supported are acceptable and for a good reason. To get a smooth playback you need a good up-to-date video format such as ProRes, DNxHD or even h264 (preferably without Picture Grouping, what’s known as Intra).
You can easily re-decode your old videos and keep their original name so that next time you open the project they’ll work excellent without needing to re-link them.
If you need help with this feel free to PM me for more guidance.


Thank you for the responses! Seems like I did just need to re-render my video files out. All working now and loving the step up to Pro 11!

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