Video in cubase

I use Cubase 10 pro.

some mp4 videos I can import and some I cant. This I find super weird.

video (screenshot 1) I cannot import
video (screenshot 2) I can import

I also tried to import AVI videos but it didnt work.

Any ideas ?

Regards Thomas

It’s Cubase. It barely supports any formats. I had videos on my iPhone 4 which played and ones from my iPhone 4s that didn’t. I was pointed to a free program that converts to a format Cubase can read. I’m not in front of my computer that this is on but will update later when I am. If you want to replace the audio you will find Cubase can’t do this either. Again the program which I can’t remember the name does.

So I will find that later when I’m back home. I had to convert the video, import and strip the audio, edit the audio and save, use the other program to combine them back together again. Video in Cubase is almost useless!

Wow if that is true it is very surprising. Thanks for your answer. I will wait for your answer regarding the name of the program.

Actually I already have two video converter programs. Handbreak and freemake video. I have tried both of them. Cubase does still not accept the videos I have converted although trying nearly any format.

Best - Thomas

This website has the program made for this purpose: Audio Spot - Convert Video, Replace Audio in Video, Converter | audio spot

Yes that’s the one I am using.

No problems here.
Every day .mp4/.mov, multiple customers.

Here´s a great tool - Freeware - higly recommended:

Xmedia Recode !
(Win only)

It´s only about > Apple and it´s stupid phone formats (!)



please read this:


Absolutely not nonsense. I have all sorts of old band videos in different formats. Cubase does not open any of them. How is that good support? Also not able to recombine video and audio? That’s ok is it? Apple devises are used by many people so the comment about them is nonsense. In fact icpro is apple only so Steinberg support in that respect. I stick by what I say. Not sure of the point of this posting as it adds nothing constructive.

Steinberg lists the formats the sequencer can read, and there are tools to convert them. Both tools discussed here work for that. Use the right tool for the job and all will be well.

big big thanks to mkok and steve. This program did what non of the other video converter programs could do

Now I can finally play video in Cubase without having a headache every time I am trying to import something. I used MediaEr to convert but didnt change any settings in the program.
However I dont understand why steinberg dont fix these problems themselves because it is a problem. I have seen many threads with people complaining about this…

Best, Dr Tolle

central music : thanks for your link aswell.
I will keep it in mind but for now I will use audiospot.