video loop playback

dear forum user,

actually i am a cubase 8 user and only work with cubsae but i also installed the test version of nuendo 7. so i could tried this on both, cubase and is my problem. this happens with both, cub and nuendo.

for example-
i have a short signation video, 5sec long.
my problem is that when i am in loop modus(from begin until the end of the video)and it comes again to the beginn of the loop the music continues to play
with no probs but the video stop which means there is no picture anymore until i press stop. then i have to press the play button and both music and video are continue to play. this is not cool because when i am working with short videos like signations this is a real stopper for me.

anyone having some probs?

thx in advance



Does this happen on your laptop and PC?

hey fenderchris,

thx for u reply.
this happens on both, laptop and pc.
one idea would be… since quicktime is not updated anymore for pc it might be a possible reason?
i am not sure. i remeber this was never a problem.
i never changed the codecs the last years. always jpeg or avid dn hd and sometimes pro res. never had this before.
do u have any ideas.
thx in advance.