Video Moves Along with Audio Waveform When Editing

Hey everyone! Ill start by stating my problem, and then explain further.
I want to be able to see a waveform’s position relative to a video in Cubase when I am editing and moving waveforms around.

I did some searching on this topic, but have not been able to find an answer. I’m not sure if its because I am using the wrong terminology, or searching for the wrong things, but whatever I try - it has been fruitless.

I am currently working on a feature film, and I have one session on Cubase 9, and another main session on Nuendo 8.

I am having trouble with Syncing audio to video as easily as I would be able to in another DAW like PT or even Logic (please be gentle haha)
This is because in Protools for example, if I want to sync up a punch, I can hit tab to transient (locate next hit point), trim the start of the waveform to my cursor, then when I move the waveform on the timeline, the video moves along with the waveform and I can place the hit exactly where I want in relation to the video.

In Cubase and Nuendo, I would need to either move and play repeatedly until I get it right, or place my cursor manually by clicking on the timeline until I find exactly where I want it, and then move the waveform to that position. I mean it works and its not completely devastating, but it really slows down workflow and is just tedious.

Is there a setting/feature that I am overlooking, or is this just a limitation within the system?

Also - In Protools you have different play modes that dictate how the cursor reacts to playing and pausing (like insertion follows playback for example)
In Cubase when I pause and play again, the cursor always continues playing from where it stopped, making it a hassle to listen to the same sound over and over again and tweaking as you go (without setting locators and creating a loop).

Gerrit Genis

Well in preferences there is a function to stop curser when you stop playback ,also you can make a macro that can move events to the curser by frame or grid .i have made a few …if you want to pm me I can send you some good spotting macros

In Nuendo you have “Edit mode”