Video Mute Button

Can someone let me know if the mute button on the video track is working correctly. For some reason on my system, pressing the mute button has no affect to the video player, and the image is still seen. Thank you.

I am using Nuendo 12 by the way.

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If you have two video tracks with one video on each then one of the tracks take precedence over the other. If you want one to not play back video you can mute that track.

Yes, that is what I normally did. But my mute button isn’t working at all. I used to compare two video tracks by using the mute buttons, but that doesn’t seam to be working now

I did it just the other day and it worked fine. Latest version.

Okay. Thanks for letting me know. So there must be something that I am doing, (or my system is doing haha)


Just to update this saga. I downloaded Nuendo 11, and the mute button worked perfectly on the two video tracks. For some reason it doesn’t work on my Nuendo 12