Video not functioning

I’ve imported video into my flow and the video screen remains black and will not play. I’ve tried two different supported formats. The audio seems function although it does not create an audio track. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum, @Glen_Irvine.

Could you please do once more, create a project and attach a video? Then choose from Dorico’s main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report and post the corresponding zip file here, thanks.

And could you also make one of the videos available? If you don’t want to post it publicly here, please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Full confidentiality guanranteed by me.

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for the quick response.I’m working my way through Dorico and enjoying it but it’s a very comprehensive and deep program ( lots to learn ) . Anyway, I think I’ve found the issue.
The video I was trying to upload was shot on an iPhone in HDR mode ( high efficiency ). This creates an HEIF/HEVC format which Dorico wasn’t recognizing. When I switched to JPEG/H.264 it loaded perfectly. For your information. Thank you.