Video not importing into Cubase 10?

Hi. I’m trying to import an Mpeg layer 2 video file into cubase. i click on import/video/select video and then nothing happens. I don’t see the video anywhere in my project.
I have tried converting to mp4 in premier. That doesn’t seem eligible to import. Everything I read says this mpeg (layer 2) file should be able to import. Is it possible It is importing and I’m just not seeing it somehow?
Please help.
cubase 10
Mac Os Catalina
iMac 2020

When you import it the video should end up in the Media Pool. You can access it from there.

Check the video files supported list. The file types supported are very restricted. What you experience is what you see if the file type is not supported. If that is the case you will need to convert to a supported type

Hi @Macushla , first of all, the below link is where you find the supported video formats:

Personality I always prefer transcoding everything I get into PreRes, depending on my video quality needs, it may change between ProRes Proxy to ProRes 422 LT and ProRes 422 in extreme cases where I need a very high-quality playback.
I created a tool kit aimed specifically at DAW video playback and replacing audio in a video file, so that no matter what video you throw at it, it instantly creates a well-working video out of it. Plus, once you finish mixing and export your audio mixdown, it can replace the audio in any given video format in seconds.
Check it out, maybe you’ll find it useful.

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