Video Offset Only During Recording?

I’m expecting to hit record in Dorico, watch the attached video play and play along (essentially improvising my score to a film). But, for some reason, Dorico starts the video playback 5 seconds into the film - ONLY when recording… on play, the playback is correctly timed… This only happens in RECORD, not in PLAY. This is without any offsets of any kind in the video properties.

So next, I tried to manually set the flow attachment position (to 12 quarter notes) and the Video Start Offset to see if that would be honored by Dorico… Again, the video PLAYs back in time, but if I hit RECORD then the video is offset (by the same relative amount given that I’d manually set a flow attachment and offset in the Video Properties). Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to record to because I’m not watching the video that I’m trying to score… I’m watching 5 seconds ahead (25fps, 120bpm).

Am I missing something? If not, then this is certainly a bug. I did a search of the forum for a related topic and this issue hasn’t come up as far as I could see. I’m on Dorico 5.1, Mac M1. Any advice, solution or confirmation would be greatly appreciated :). Thanks to the Dorico dev team and the many wonderful updates in 5.1 :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m afraid there is a problem here, which is on our radar to resolve but which is not yet fixed, I’m sorry to say. For boring technical reasons we use a fixed offset in project time in order to allow things like grace notes before the start of the first bar (in “negative time”) to play back, and everything is lined up to account for this. However, in order to provide the limited tempo and time signature syncing that Dorico currently has for playing back loops etc. with Groove Agent, we have to remove this offset, and we need different settings during recording and playback. The video sync is currently correct during playback, but not during recording. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Thank you for confirming this issue. I understand that it’s just a by product of technical constraints. For now, I’ll do this kind of recording into Cubase and wait for this to be updated in Dorico down the road.

I really prefer the spotting features of Dorico - markers, comments, find tempo and the timecode staff. This is a hiccup, but overall I’d rather do my scoring in Dorico once this gets resolved. Kudos to the team for optimizing other great features in Dorico to aid the spotting process :slight_smile:

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I am suddenly experiencing an offset in video playback (I’m not using Record) in a project I have been working on. It was previously fine, and now the video suddenly shifts. This happens immediately after I apply a Playback Template.

It is easy to reproduce; I open my project and it’s fine; I apply a Playback Template and suddenly the video is shifted. My backup projects still play back properly. If I apply a Playback Template, the video (not the audio) is shifted forward; thus, the video and video’s audio track are out-of-sync. My Playback Templates are different now because I just installed additional VSTs and playback templates… this is strange. Detaching and re-Attaching the video didn’t fix the offset.

What other feature(s) should I avoid in order to continue on the project without the video shifting? Or is it inevitable?

Check that the video start offset is still set as expected in the Video Properties dialog.

Properties is still the same, even though the video has shifted.


Apply Playback Template.

…wait a few moments to Activate…

Video has now unexpectedly shifted (audio is still in-sync with video). Yet offset shows 00:00…



Does detaching and re-attaching the video correct things?

It does not correct it. As I originally wrote “Detaching and re-Attaching the video didn’t fix the offset.”

Currently I am avoiding this bug by modifying my instruments manually rather than applying a Playback Template.