Video on External iPad

I have a 2017 iPad Pro I was hoping to use as an external monitor, so I have the scene displayed on the iPad while Dorico is on the main monitor, but it seems to just crash the whole thing (if I drag it over there, it’ll initially just turn grey instead of displaying anything, and it just ends up locking it up; the audio will still continue, but I can’t control Dorico at all). I tried Dorico 3.5, and while it doesn’t crash, it just freezes whatever frame it was on. I can stream video from Safari and other applications, but Dorico doesn’t seem to like it. Is there some setting that might correct this, either in Dorico or Mac OS (I’m running Big Sur on a 2018 MBP) itself? Or is this something that isn’t planned for, and probably won’t ever work?

I assume you’re using your iPad in Sidecar mode, yes?

It’s certainly not something that we in the Dorico team anticipated or planned for. I’ll contact the video engine team to ask whether this is something they would expect to work, but I have a feeling that it’s not something that they intended to support so far either. That doesn’t mean that we definitely won’t support it in the future, however.

Ok, that was my suspicion. Thanks.