Video on second display/projector

We are currently evaluating support for BlackMagic.

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Will there be an open beta test to participate in?

It seems that minimizing the view using CTRL + ALT + Mousewheel down, to see the complete videotrack and easily set the locators, crashes VL. Using the “-” button below the tracks doesn’t cause this behaviour. :thinking:

The cycle button doesn’t restart my videos. In the preview-window the last picture of the tracks freeze, but the trackview cycles back to start. :man_shrugging:

Just tested, works fine here! Can you elaborate, what kind/length of video, cycle range etc? May be check again with update (very soon)

…but you are right about ctrl/alt/scrollwheel, there’s something fishy there. For now, you are advised to not to, sorry. Fix will not make it into next version as it is already scheduled, but we have scheduled next version already. Thanks for finding and sorry for the inconvenience.

Lenght: 00:43:07
Size: 720 x 576
Rate: 4070 kBit/s
Full: 4232 kBit/s
Framerate: 25 FPS

Audio: 162 kBit/s
Channels: 2
Rate: 48.000 kHz

Thanks. 45 min full hd 15 MBit mp4 plays fine here. Maybe it also was a result of the zoom out problem mentioned? Do not use ctrl/scrollwheel, there is a bug there that makes it freeze.

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I’m unable to set the right locator to the end of the video as the track view doesn’t scroll forward rightways, getting at the end of the screen, using the locator-R by keeping the left mousebutton pressed.

And there is no right click function to tell VST Live that the locator should be set anywhere at the timeline I need it to. For example if I got to the endposition using the scrollbar beneath the tracks.

Setting the right locator at a postion in the same window as the left one the video cycles as I need it to. But so it cycles at min 10 but not at min 43 or so.

Ok I was able to put the right locator at the end of the video and the left one at the start. But then the trackview doesn’t jump back to the left locator having finished the video. Still the last picture freezes.

But if I click stopp a few moments later the video in the monitor window is at the position it should be.

I found out that the counter cycles correctly but the video does not.

Very curious … :thinking:

I’m using version