Video on second display/projector

How to send Video track to second display/monitor or projector connected to HDMI?

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Expand video track inspector (“INSP” button). In the output row, select a monitor view (of 6).
How a monitor view displays at its destination (e.g. HDMI) depends on your hardware and system configuration.

I already did these steps, but nothing is sent to second display. Nowhere in any point the second display is connected to Video1, Video2… Video6. Those are just names, not connection. All those open in window with blue screen if there is no event. When video event is starting, then Video1 is showing the content. That’s all.

Could you explain what you try to acheive?
add 2 video tracks, reoute track 1 to Monitor1 (opens Monitor1), and track 2 to Monitor2 (opens Monitor2). play and both windows show their resp. video, right?
But it appears you want something different…

Okay, I will try. Let’s take VLC player for example. If there is pointed to run video on DISPLAY2, then when I press play, video goes to DISPLAY2. Not a window that can be moved to DISPLAY2 and maximized, but full screen on DISPLAY2. For me the DISPLAY2 can vary from 24" monitor to big screen projector on stage. The same for PowerPoint and LibreOffice/OpenOffice presentations - once I hit F5 to run presentation, if there is additional display (monitor/projector) attached, it goes there in full screen, not windowed.
I don’t see any option on this in the preferences of program. I suppose I will see them soon.
I cannot believe that someone on stage run video windowed, then move it with mouse to additional projector and press maximize.

Ok, I see. You associate “Monitor” to devices, fair assumption. We will rename the Video Windows so to avoid confusion.
As we have more than one video window, this needs to be streamlined. For now (next version) we added full screen support, later we will add a possibility to associate a view to a physical monitor.

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Brilliant! Thank you!

  • there could be an option to specify if video should start full-screen on specified device or windowed as it is now.

That’s the plan.

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Same here - Video is not shown Fullscreen nor in a window.
The Videofile also has no real represantation in the Video-Track, there is only an empty border that shows up as a placeholder, that is not very intuitive!

fullscreen coming next version, video monitor association and thumbnails thereafter

And there should be an option to show or hide the counter … :point_up: :grinning:

Paul, already asked :wink:
Look on my list here: While testing VST Live

You best use a video streaming hardware suck as Blackmagic card which is supposed as an output device in Cubase > Studio Setup > Video Device

VST Live doesn’t have such path in menu.

counter hidden next version

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@ArthurNeeman , Sorry for before, I’m used to saying this regarding Cubase about ten times a week, so I just spit it out automatically. Again, sorry for the confusion.
So, for VST Live it should be under Connections (of course you will not see such an option if you don’t have the hardware installed).

It’s okay, Sagi.
I have second Display connected on HDMI, but it isn’t recognized by program as device.

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Not sure about the new VST Live thingy, but all other Steinberg software automatically recognize any Blackmagic (hardware) device that’s connected to the computer, and uses it to stream the video, the device itself has an HDMI output which you connect to any dedicated display such as TV sets/Projectors/etc.
It also significantly reduces playback problems, because the software no longer needs to decode the video, it sends it to dedicated hardware that handles the video much more efficiently and you also gain another bonus, the video is always visible even when the software is losing focus.

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@musicullum, is the release date of updates known? July, August, later? Some performances could be nice to have running on VST Live.

First update is scheduled very soon, should be June we hope, with another one to follow shortly.

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