Video playback issue when cursor jumps by arranger track

Hi there!

I’m having a problem where video playback doesn’t follow up the cursor when the arranger track is activated.
When I configure a track list to arranger track that forces jumps to the cursor, audio follows up nicely but video remains continuously moving forward as no jumps occurred. If I press space bar to stop and play again, then the video playback reach cursor and all goes fine up to the next jump.

I’m on Cubase 6.07 for Mac running in 32bits mode. Tried different videos formats and get same results.
Anyone experienced the same issue? Any advice or workaround?

It seems a bug. How can I report it to steinberg?

I don’t know about your issue since I don’t work with video, but if this is a bug nothing will be done about it since the current Cubase version is 7.5.20…