Video Playback not working in Cubase 6.5

Recently, I’ve found that most of the QTs my clients send me (usually H.264 format but also other “flavors”) are not working properly in the video engine, i.e., while a get a full video track with thumbnails, the video player window is frozen and just displays a still frame from wherever the cursor is when I start the sequence. Anyone have any suggestions?

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First, I would suggest shutting down Cubase and testing the files in your Quick Time player on the computer. If the video plays back there, then reopen Cubase, and start a new empty project. Import the video file and test it there. In Devices, VST Performance, what are your meters reading during playback?

If the video file won’t play back, start another empty project. Import the file from Quick Time. Does this playback?

What version and build of Cubase are you running? What operating system are you on? What is your processor and RAM? What version of QT do you have installed?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Shut down Cubase. Files played fine in QT. Restarted Cubase. Movie files still will not play back. ASIO meter is under 10. Created new project. Imported from QT. Will not play back.

Cubase 6.5/built 102 64 bit.
Processor: Intel Core i& 3930 @ 320 GHz/64 GB ram/Windows Pro 64 bit.

Thanks for your help.


One more thing: I’m using QT Pro 7.6.6 (1671)

Please update Cubase to 6.5.5 from

Also, run it in 32 bit (you can install the 32 bit version of Cubase and it will not affect the 64 bit version). Does the play there?

Hey, Chris. Update did the trick!

Thanks very much.


Glad to hear it!